Free shipping of all orders of $100 and more

Free shipping of all orders of $100 and more

Red coral and sterling silver pendant


    Handcrafted natural red coral and sterling silver pendant.
    •  Red coral 24x31 mm
    • Total pendant size 24x42 mm
    •  Sterling silver
    •  Bail opening 3mm
    • 18" black cord with silver-plated clasp

    Corals are not really stones. Their origin is organic - they formed from biological processes. Coral is a branching skeleton-like structure built by small marine animals known as coral polyps. Gem-quality coral is related to reef-forming coral, but the most valuable coral variety is found in the Mediterranean sea. This particular specimen is a great gift for all mineral collectors, lovers of nature creations and also wonderful for beach-inspired weddings.
    Coral is an alternative birthstone for May and a traditional gift for the 35th wedding anniversary. It is highly prized as a substance believed to be endowed with mysterious sacred properties. It is a symbol of modesty, wisdom, and happiness.

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