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Christmas 2019 SALE - automatic 20% off for all items! Sale ends December 10, 2019

Kyanite - April Birthstone

April 03, 2019

Kyanite - April Birthstone

Kyanite was named in 1789 by the German geologist A. Werner (in Greek term cyanos means deep blue). In 1801, the mineral kyanite was given the second name - "disten" (di - double, stent - force), which reflects the “double” hardness of the mineral. Very dense and hard in cross-section, it can be scratched with a knife along the fibers. This feature makes it a unique formation of nature and its properties are quite different from the properties of other minerals.

The color of the kyanite is non-uniform, depends on impurities and lighting conditions. The main shade is blue, but it is also found in violet, green, yellow, gray and almost black. A clear, deep blue variety is cut as a gemstone and are rare and beautiful, very reminiscent of sapphires.

There are specimens with the effect of a cat's eye - a vertical glare running at rotation. There are also kyanites with alexandrite effect -  the crystals change color depending on the angle of view from violet or cobalt blue to green. But mostly kyanites are blue and opaque, due to the chaotic arrangement of the mineral fibers in the crystal. Such kyanites have pearlescent, almost glassy luster. An interesting fact - if you grind a crystal of any color into powder, the powder will always be white, regardless of the color of the crystal.

Kyanite of gem quality is mined in North India since the XVIII century. Blue translucent crystals are also mined in Switzerland, Austria, France, Brazil, Kenya, United States and Australia.

Kyanite has the property of giving its owner loyalty, modesty, and chastity. The stone helps to focus on the important things and gives the ability to do several things at once. It helps to choose an advantageous business and is able to protect against fraud partners. The material benefit will be at maximum, and your business will be successful. But there is a special condition: kyanite will give its power to people with a clear conscience and good intentions. Career will begin to grow only in a decent person.

Kyanite strengthens memory, awakens a thirst for knowledge, makes the owner reasonable, prudent, deprives him of dangerous illusions. The owner of the kyanite will never be mistaken in anyone but will soberly assess the situation.

Astrologers recommend wearing kyanite to Sagittarius and Lions. Also, kyanite will suit Gemini, Cancers and Aquarius, Pisces and Libra. However, it is good to know that the stone may depress some people if wear it constantly.

Lithotherapists believe that kyanite increases the general tonus of the body, improves memory, removes nervousness. It is believed that kyanite helps to cure infections, relieves insomnia, and stress. It improves metabolism, contributing to weight loss. It is suggested that kyanite is able to normalize the cellular metabolism. In some countries, kyanite products are recommended for the treatment of the kidney and bladder.

Kyanite is the talisman of teachers, doctors, lawyers, bankers, businessmen and politicians. It endows them with charm, attracts the sympathy of those around them. It gives inspiration to the people of creative professions, awakens creative impulses and attracts success and glory.

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