Updated prices! Free shipping with the purchase of $150 and more!

Updated prices! Free shipping with the purchase of $150 and more!

  • This is your jewelry

  • Handcrafted one of a kind creations

  • Sofisticated jewelry for every occation

  • Beauty of mother nature


  • Absolutely adorable jewelry! Made out of my favorite materials - semi-precious stones and crystals, these necklaces, bracelets and earrings are representation of a magnificent union of creativity of our mother-nature and human talent, where combination of natural colors and shapes meets with an impeccable taste of two masters-jewelers.

    Viktoria Kozatchok, Montreal

  • Not only I am in love with my new necklaces and pendants, I am impressed with professionalism of the two jewelers and the love with which they make their beautiful pieces of arts. I am sure you can feel it when you wear them! The pieces are unique and I am happy to have a few! Thank you for making the world more beautiful with your jewelry. Lots of inspiration to you and many more beautiful pieces to all of us!

    Olesya Olbishevska, Ottawa

  • This summer I met Natasha and Eugene at one of the festivals and got coral and turquoise beads for myself and another red coral as a gift. They are so simple and so elegant! Then I saw a video on their page of bold, bright yellow and blue beads and a bracelet which I liked very much. Finally, I got them and enjoy every time I wear them! Thank you, guys, for your art and your love for the stones.

    Tatiana Rusanovska, Toronto

  • Thanks a lot for the beautiful pendant! Exquisite and sophisticated taste in stones! You have a natural gift to show the beauty of the stone and to tell us the story behind everyone of them! Your marvelous creations show your passion to the natural stones and your care about your customers! Thank you for my black tourmaline pendant!

    Nadia Loktina, London UK

  • Les Deux Artisans can provide you with a piece of jewelry perfectly suited for your personal style and taste! Every stone is handpicked , every piece is handcrafted and unique. As a proud owner of several pieces designed by these two very talented people I am constantly amazed by superb choice of stones and exquisite craftsmanship!

    Natalia Shaidenko, Montreal

  • Маю вже чотири вироби від Наталії та Євгена. Сказати, що задоволена - це нічого не сказати! Радію цим прикрасам, як маленька дівчинка! Неповторні, з душею та характером. Дякую!!!

    Olena Dmytrenko, Montreal

Size chart



Bracelet sizes

Petite - 6.5" (16.5 cm)
Small - 7" (17.8 cm)
Medium - 7.5" (19 cm)
Large - 8" (20.3 cm)
Extra large - 9" (22.9 cm)